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Telehealth and COVID-19


COVID-19 Updates 

Your health and the health of our community are our immediate priorities. Dr. McCutcheon and the staff at Memorial Village ENT are here to support you during the COVID-19 pandemic and to provide uninterrupted healthcare service using both in-person visits and telehealth. To roll out the in-office visit safely to you and our staff, we ask for your patience and help with the following guidelines.

In-office visit guidelines

1) Patients who have a fever, chills, shortness of breath, recent loss of smell or taste, or active coughing and sneezing should not come to the office. Please make a telemedicine appointment instead.

2) Patients should arrange to come to their appointments ALONE.

3) A strict NO VISITOR policy is in effect. Patients' companions are not allowed in the waiting room and should wait in the car. Patients may call, or video chat their companions with their phones if they need an interpreter or a second ear to listen to the medical care provided.

4) Patients must wear MASKS at all times while in the office. Patients without masks will be politely asked to leave and make another appointment.

5) Patients are encouraged to fill out and provide all insurance information, past medical history, and health questionnaires before their arrivals to the office.

6) Patients should not wear gloves inside the office. 

7) Strict social distancing and hand hygiene should be followed at all times.

Memorial Village ENT is committed to your health. Even in these uncertain times, your health should be prioritized. Our office is taking every possible action to ensure that you can access care when you need it, virtually and in person.

While we stand ready to provide in-person care, we understand that some are still uncomfortable going to public areas. We will continue to offer telemedicine visits to discuss your medical concerns and come up with the most appropriate treatment plan.

Thank you for letting us be your health partners. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you need help at 281-822-3777 or


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