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Memorial Village ENT Rebrands to Memorial Village Sinus and Hearing

Memorial Village ENT Rebrands to Memorial Village Sinus and Hearing

Medicine evolves to meet the needs of patients, offer breakthrough treatments, and treat medical conditions. To better serve their patients and the community, Memorial Village ENT recently rebranded its practice to Memorial Village Sinus and Hearing. Expect the same level of compassion, concern, and comprehensive treatment from Dr. Conrad McCutcheon, Dr. Mary Lippeatt and their dedicated and highly trained staff. 

“Changing medical technology and patient needs gradually moved us in this direction,” explains Dr. McCutcheon, founder of Memorial Village Sinus and Hearing. An expert in nasal and sinus surgery, he saw the need to rebrand his practice over the past decade. Because their practice has evolved, it was only fitting that the name of the practice evolve as well. 

Treating Chronic Nasal and Sinus Problems 

“Over the last several years, additional technologies have enabled less invasive procedures to accomplish far more than what traditional procedures could ever accomplish in terms of symptom relief with minimal patient inconvenience and discomfort. Since chronic nasal and sinus problems are so prevalent, we have focused our practice on those particular needs,” says Dr. McCutcheon, who has received advanced training in nasal and endoscopic sinus surgery.

Since 2006, the advent of balloon sinuplasty has dramatically changed the way ENT doctors treat chronic nasal and sinus problems. At Memorial Village Sinus and Hearing, they remain on the cutting edge of medical treatments to provide the best results to their patients.

Treating Hearing Loss

Hearing loss has also become more common. Fortunately, Dr. McCutcheon’s patients have found improved quality of life with digital hearing aids.

“With advancements in digital hearing aids, we are better able to customize the amplification to meet each individual’s needs.  Additionally, as computer processing improves, hearing aids are better able to minimize noise and enhance speech, thus improving the patient’s ability to function in our noisy world. With the introduction of Bluetooth technology in hearing aids, patients have the option to use their smartphone as a remote control for their hearing aids or even stream phone calls and other audio from their smartphone to their hearing aids,” explains Dr. Lippeatt.  

Dr. Mary Lippeatt earned her Doctor of Audiology to better provide hearing care to her patients and educate them on the latest technologies available for hearing and tinnitus.

State-of-the-Art Equipment 

As Dr. McCutcheon transitioned towards sinus and hearing, he acquired additional highly specialized equipment to address these needs. Memorial Village Sinus and Hearing is one of the first practices in Houston to transition to office-based nasal and sinus surgeries, most of which can be done under local anesthesia. This is possible largely due to sophisticated 3D CT navigation equipment and other highly specialized medical equipment normally found in inpatient or outpatient hospital settings.

“Our allergy lab complements our approach to treating nasal and sinus problems, allowing Memorial Village Sinus and Hearing to be a one-stop treatment for nasal and sinus disorders,” says Dr. McCutcheon. 

Memorial Village Sinus and Hearing also has two audiology suites dedicated to diagnosing and treating hearing loss. In addition to traditional audiometry, advanced testing such as acoustic reflex testing, otoacoustic emissions, and impedance tympanometry are available for a more thorough investigation and accurate diagnosis. 

Treating Chronic Conditions

With today’s medical advancements, patients can find relief from chronic nasal and sinus disorders.  Thanks to in-office treatments that alleviate symptoms, patients now enjoy a healthier and happier life without dangerous or invasive procedures requiring hospital inpatient or outpatient settings.

“Chronic sinusitis, nasal polyps, nasal obstruction, nasal valve collapse, allergic rhinitis, non-allergic rhinitis, vasomotor rhinitis, deviated septum, and hypertrophic turbinates can be accomplished without hospital outpatient surgery or need of general anesthesia. Patients often can return to work the next day,” explains Dr. McCutcheon.

Personalized Care

The mission of Memorial Village Sinus and Hearing is to provide the most effective and least invasive treatments for nasal, sinus, and hearing disorders. Expect compassionate care, coupled with innovative treatments, to deliver real life results to those suffering with nasal and sinus problems as well as hearing loss.

“We will continue the personalized care that our patients have come to expect while providing the most advanced care in nasal, sinus, and hearing disorders,” says Dr. McCutcheon.

For more information, please visit

Memorial Village Sinus and Hearing

9055 Katy Fwy, Suite 415

Houston, TX 77024



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